an ordinary man’s cry


about the project

The project “An ordinary man’s cry. Ryszard Siwiec 1909–1968” was developed in order to expand on a traditional exhibition called the same way. It consists of: a website which you are now visiting, e-books

as well as a disc which contains the Polish website edition designed for educational institutions.

We hope that thanks to its electronic form Ryszard Siwiec’s story will reach a wider audience and he will not only be remembered by the Poles but also Czechs and other nations.

We would like to thank you for taking your time to familiarise yourselves with the subject. At the same time we would like to give our acknowledgements to all people and institutions without whom this project would have failed:

The Siwiec family
Maciej Drygas
Petr Blažek
Agnieszka Andrzejewska
The Polish Institute in Prague
The Sejm Library
The Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature
Educational Film Studio
The Centre for Citizenship Education
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
East News Agency
and all those who offered us their advice, help and valuable comments

Texts: Jakub Izdebski, dr Marcin Krzanicki

Cover and typesetting: Marcin Krzanicki, PhD

Project reviewers: PhDr. Petr Blažek, Łukasz Kamiński, PhD

Editing: Małgorzata Strasz


Contact: Jakub Izdebski, IPN Oddział w Rzeszowie